At the Heart of It All every human on Earth has the capability to choose love. We have the capacity to bring ourselves joy, comfort, abundance and freedom no matter what our circumstances. Every one of us has great talent, power and ingenuity beyond our imagination. It is however, up to us to choose to expose and live by them. If we are in touch with our hearts and grounded within our authentic Higher selves, a life lived in harmony is easily available. Like attracts like and love attracts love.

I am glad that you are here!

May this be the beginning of a blessed Divine journey.

Spiritual Life Coaching, Personal Motivational Training

My name is Odette Orozco and I am the Spiritual Life coach (or Consciousness Coach) and founder of At the Heart of It All, a life coaching site designed to help enable you achieve the greatest, most realized version of you. I believe that it is our birth right to live up to our greatest potential and to live a magnificent life. I also know that it is possible. If you are here, it is because you feel the true power of your essence stirring within. It is beckoning you to find the guidance you seek to take that next step in fulfilling the longing of your heart.

As a Spiritual Life coach, I hold the space for you to deepen into greatness within all areas of your life: financial, personal, emotional and spiritual. It is Spiritual Life coaching in that I recognize your unique essence as an all powerful, Divine spirit who is evolving within a human body and leading a human life. Together in our work, we will explore and integrate your authentic higher self within your day to day reality and help you realize the dreams and life purpose you hold. I am direct, and will challenge you and hold you accountable, all while using gentleness, compassion, sincerity and love. I am psychic and also an open medium, so often times you will receive messages from your guides, loved ones, angels and your higher Self. 

With my services, I invite you to embrace the idea of undergoing a potential transformation, one in which your desires are exceeded by your fruitful manifestations, and your current imagination of what life could be like, lived.

I congratulate your seeking and hail your desire to evolve consciously, in any form that may take.

Within an ocean of Light, may you be embraced.



Odette Orozco

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At the Heart of It All

Within you all things are possible.

You deserve to live your best life now.

I invite you to live the
greatest version of you
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